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MyMP3Pool is a one-stop shop for all things MP3. Here, latest hits and party favorites are just one click away. Jump in, subscribe for unlimited digital downloads from our mp3 pools for DJs, and dive into creating exceptional playlists with us!


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Easily find and download music with our MP3 Record Pool

Working as a DJ means being dynamic, and empty results because of silly misprints shouldn’t slow down your process.

With MyMP3Pool, finding the right music for DJs has never been easier. We did our best to enhance your experience and make sure you find everything you're looking for in our record pool, even if you're a bit distracted or typing in a hurry

MyMP3Pool is

High quality

We help you produce only the best sound: all tracks on MyMP3Pool are of the highest quality, 320 kbps


Our MP3 music pool offers official promotional releases provided by major and independent record labels

Track versions

Whatever you're looking for to make your new gig, our DJ pool has it. On MyMP3Pool, you'll find all possible versions of the tracks: clean, dirty, instrumentals, remixes, radio edits, a cappella versions, and more

ID-tagged and Serato-ready files

With MyMP3Pool, all tags and meta are verified, from tracks' IDs and versions to bitrates, genres, and more. You can be sure that what you see is exactly what you get

Fresh sound

Download the freshest MP3 tracks



Curated Playlists

Our MP3 music pool online playlists are created and curated by professional DJs. Follow to be on the same page with your peers, learn from seasoned professionals, and share the inspiration


MyMP3Pool members are in step with the latest trends in the industry thanks to our charts. Join in to always know what music is all the rage in the DJ world right now

Bulk downloads

No need to download tracks one by one anymore! Just collect your favorite music, mix it to create your own playlists, and download all tracks at once

How it works

Choose your pricing plan

MyMP3Pool is an online subscription service created to provide DJs from anywhere in the world with an opportunity to create exclusive playlists while enjoying the process.

Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs,
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  • Full site access
  • Restricted to 30 second track previews
  • Downloads prohibited

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  • Unlimited MP3 Audio Downloads
  • Multiple Versions
  • Properly Tagged Files
  • Pre-Set Cue Points
$19.95/ mo

Billed monthly



Save 17%
  • Unlimited MP3 Audio Downloads
  • Multiple Versions
  • Properly Tagged Files
  • Pre-Set Cue Points
  • 20% off all merch in our store!
$16.63/ mo

Billed as a single payment of $199.56 every 12 months



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  • DJ Puffy

    DJ Puffy

    Red Bull Three3style World Champion

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Why should I subscribe to MyMP3Pool?
We believe it’s our mission to simplify the task of creating original up-to-the-minute sets by providing DJs with the smoothest user experience and unlimited access to the hottest music out there. And that's exactly what our platform will give you.
Does MyMP3Pool always stay up to date with the music industry?
The DJ pool music content on our platform is constantly updated, often even daily. Here, users can explore plenty of different genres, preview songs before downloading them, and get access to the newest releases from their favorite artists.
How much does the MyMP3Pool subscription cost, and what do I get for it?
For a $19.95 monthly subscription, you get unlimited access to downloading properly tagged music files from our advanced, comprehensive MP3 pool for DJs. The tracks are also available in different versions to match your specific needs. Members who purchase our $199.56 yearly subscription also get a 20% discount on our merch.
Does MyMP3Pool offer refunds?
Unfortunately, there is no option for a refund on our platform, since there is no way to return the tracks you’ve already downloaded from our record pool. However, you can easily cancel your subscription before your next payment is due in case you don’t need our services anymore.

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